1. Fresh feeling

Uses a stream of water to wash toilet use, which is hygienic and gentler than toilet paper

 2. Prevents infection

Even the gentlest toilet paper cannot effectively cleanse the residue that remains after toilet use. The residue promotes bacterial growth, which may cause urinary tract injection, vaginal infection and anal infection. Rubbing with toilet paper only spreads the bacteria, causing discomfort from itching and bleeding, and which may further lead to internal gynecological or colon problems

 3. Cure for constipation (enema wash – only for some products)

The patented enema wash function sends a stream of warm water directly through the rectum and into the lower colon. The water helps loosen and clean the walls of hard faeces. This function assists anyone suffering from constipation.

 4, Household germ control

Hands-free cleaning and drying reduces spreading of germs in the house via unwashed hands.

 5. Economic

Warm air dryer reduces the use of toilet paper. Economic functions reduce electricity consumption.

 6. Clean workplace

Industries requiring sterile conditions such as restaurants and hospitals will benefit, as this product reduces the risk of food poisoning, infection or disease.

 7. Feminine wash function/Bidet

A gentle warm water stream cleanses vaginal parts, which may be used after sexual intercourse or during menstruation. The wash helps ease discomforts felt during and after pregnancy.

 8. Children

Children can easily wash themselves with a push of a button after toilet use.

 9. Elderly/Disabled

With regards to toiletering, the elderly can regain self-confidence, independence and dignity with hands-free washing. The warm air dryer eliminates the use of toilet paper and the embarrassment of asking someone for assistance. Elderly persons struggling with mobility problems or disorders such as Parkinson’s will benefit immensely.

 How to use these Bidet Seats
  1. The wash functions will not operate unless user is seated on the bidet
  2. Water pressure and temperature, seat temperature and blow drier temperature can all be set to your desired setting.
  3. Choose desired wash function and activate by pressing the button.
  4. Oscillating (the Move button) will wash more widely and is effective for optimal cleansing.
  5. If constipation is a problem (only IB7300 & 7500RS model); changing the water pressure from low to medium will stimulate the anal region to induce bowel movement. Otherwise, simply use the Turbo Wash (or enema) function.
  6. At medium heat and air setting, use dryer for about 30 seconds. If necessary any excess water can be dried up with gentle patting with toilet paper. No wiping is necessary.
  Remote Control
  • More freedom in control.Especially beneficial for disabled, elderly.
  • Reduces bad smell up to 90%
  Patented Nozzle
  • World’s first single nozzle system with three washes in one nozzle.
  Smart Auto Power Saving
  • Smart auto power saving programs that reduce electricity usage
  Seat Sensor
  • Most advanced “Capacitance” sensor is built into the seat. Nothing works unless you’re seated
  Feminine Wash (Bidet)
  • Soft, aerated, misty water stream for feminine cleansing.
  Posterior Wash
  • Soft, aerated water yet powerful enough for thorough cleansing.
  Turbo Wash (Enema)
  • A whirly stream of soft aerated water for constipation
  Powerful Air Dry
  • Warm air dry with 3 heat settings. Toilet paper is a thing of the past.
  • Wide coverage seat heating system with 3 temperature settings.
  Pulsating Massage
  • Rhythmic pulsating action for soothing massage.
  Oscillation function
  • Oscillating movement of the nozzle washes wider part of the body for thorough cleansing.
  Self Cleaning
  • Nozzle automatically self cleans before and after each use to keep it hygienic all the time
  Quick Release
  • Quick release feature allows seat to be removed easily for thorough cleaning.
  Built in Filter
  • Filter prevents system blockage and lime build-up
  Self Diagnosis
  • System warns user of any malfunction
  Hydraulic Seat
  • Seat and lid closes gently by themselves. No slamming is needed

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