Electronic Bidet Seat

Best choice for a better life

Advanced Hybrid Heating / Intensive/ Advanced nozzle cleaning / Night light

  • Color: White
  • Dimension: W472 x D528 x H165
  • Water heating technology: Continuous tank heating
  • Water pressure source: Hydraulic powered
  • Rated voltage: [CE]AC 220~240V,50Hz~[UL]120V~60Hz

4th generation fully stainless covered nozzle, night light, advanced nozzle cleansing feature, warm water wash guaranteed from start to finish and occupied seat sensor release feature.
What else more you are looking for?
With all features you have been dreaming are here with DIB-C450. Great price to feature ratio. You are ready to be wowed and inspired, get the new DIB-C450 now.

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