INSTALLATION--If you want installation, Please contact us(Installation fee: R850.00)

WARNING : Do not plug the system in before completing the installation  

1. Loosen the nuts on the mounting bolts and remove the existing toilet seat.  

2. Insert two plastic bolts provided into the mounting plate. Tighten nuts and rubber washers to secure bolt  

3. Make sure to align the new seat with the mounting plate. Follow the arrow and push the seat into base. You will hear a click sound when it is properly secured. Depress button and hold down as you slide your new bidet seat on or off mounting plate.

(To uninstall: push the slide plate button and pull out the unit) Remember to press and hold down the side button as you slide toilet seat on and off so it does not damage the “clamps” on the bottom of the toilet seat upon installation.  

4. Close the water supply valve (located at the bottom of the wall) and flush the toilet to empty water tanks. Remove the water hose from the bottom of the water tank.  

5. Attach the T-connector (provided) to the bottom of the water tank.  

6. Connect the water hose to the T-connector.  

7. Connect flexible water hose (provided) from T-connector to the toilet seat bidet system external water tank located under control panel.   8. Turn the water on. Check for leaks. If no leaks, plug unit in to wall, which turns unit “On” 

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