We live in a world of technology.

The time in which we live in is that of a great change.
Take the emergence of cellular phones for example.
At first it could only deliver phone calls.
Nowadays, virtually everything can be done on a cell phone, from listening to music, reading the news, watching a movie to Internet banking.
Who would have ever imagines of such progress in the previous generation?

The same applies in our toilet environment.
Great developments took place in order for us to arrive at the flush toilets we now know and use. Different designs have come up and while most people prefer conventional toilet seats, some fancy exotic designs. However, the functionality of the toilet has remained relatively the same – until now.

We have to ask ourselves a question: “Which is more hygienic, wiping or washing?” Many regard washing anus with water only as a religious practice but this is not entirely true.
In many countries this washing is done for hygienic purposes as well. We know it is more hygienic to wash than to wipe, but it is not widely practiced since it is inconvenient to do so every time.

This is why the new technological toilet seat is the way forward.
It is convenient, comfortable, hygienic and easy to use. Features include posterior wash, bidet wash, enema wash, dry function, warm seat, warm water, fully adjustable nozzle and water pressure, child mode, smoothly closing seat and lid and many more.

When we started this business in 2005, people were unfamiliar with the idea, but now the seats are widely distributed in domestic houses, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, elderly homes, schools, churches, golf clubs, and nurseries and are regarded as convenient and hygienic products.

It is of great pleasure of mine to introduce you to the next generation of toilet seats.
I sincerely hope techno-toilet seats aid you greatly in improving your family’s health and hygiene.

Best regards


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