1. Improved Hygiene
(1. More Hygienic and Safer Than Toilet Paper)

Let’s assume that you got something full of bacteria and germs on your body. You would only feel clean after you wash with clean water. The same applies with your life in your bathroom. Would you feel cleaner after wiping your bottom with toilet papers with rough texture or rinsing with clean water? It is a sensitive area and you should treat with more caution and insist best hygiene than many other body parts. Our bidet products are the best choice you can make to maintain the best hygiene.

 2. More Economic
(2.Bidets Save Your Money From Buying Toilet Papers)

When it comes to finances, bidets are way cheaper in the long-run in comparison to purchasing toilet papers. Your spending on toilet papers play a big role in the budget in the long-run especially if you have a big family. Excretions are inevitable hence you cannot even reduce the spending on purchasing toilet papers (namely, it is a fixed cost in your monthly budget). After a few packs of toilet papers, you could have already purchased a basic bidet attachment. With the money you save on toilet papers, you can invest it on something better and more hygienic.

 3. Bidets Are Environmental-Friendly

Due to technological advances, we become more dull with regards to our environment that we live in. Thousands of trees are being cut down on a daily basis. Using toilet papers promote to the increased numbers of trees being cut down and we do NOT want that for our future generations. The amount of toilet papers consumed by people who have bidets is only a fraction of the amount that people without bidets use.

 4. Convenient for Patients and Disabled

Are you suffering from constipation or hemorrhoids? A bidet seat can be a solution to the problem! Some bidets are specially designed with nozzle tips to send water inside you for cleaning more thoroughly and hence flush your system inside out. The rough texture of toilet papers can be harsh for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Our bidet products serve warm water and air dryer system in replacement of toilet paper. Bidet seats can be a solution to both disabled people with limited mobility who suffer to clean up themselves and patients who suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids.

 5. Adding Luxury To Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are necessary in our daily lives whether it is grooming, cleaning or taking care of excretion. We spend quite times of our day in the bathroom and it is persuadable that we add luxury to our bathroom. Bidets are the ultimate bathroom upgrade you can have considering not many people have this privilege. People will be impressed when they walk into your bathroom and they see a top-notch class of the bathroom with bidets.

6. Good Kickstarter For Kids

Personal hygiene is something we expect from people that we encounter. Rinsing your bottom off after every use of the bathroom can be a good indicator for our children to follow when they perform proper and hygienic bathroom habits. Personal hygiene is also responsible for preventing sickness by eliminating fecal matters with germs and bacteria.

7. Bidets Are Better Than Traditional and Conventional Bidet Fixtures

Some houses may have a traditional and conventional standalone bidets in their bathrooms. However they require additional space and plumbing. Our bidet products do NOT require additional space nor additional plumbing as they have been designed to fit onto the existing toilets and by using the existing water supply valves next to them. For a standalone bidet, you need to sit in an awkward position when using it. As our bidets are located just on top of the existing toilet, you are to use in a more comfortable and natural position for your body by using the pulsating or oscillating functions with the adjusted water temperature that you desire and many other practical functions. Standalone bidets may be classic but as time has passed, they are not considered to be practical anymore.

8. Bidet Seats Are Warm

Have you ever had a problem when sitting on a cold toilet seat especially during winter times? It can be very discomforting and unpleasant when such happens. Considering this problem, bidet seats have been designed to solve this with their seat warming function. Added to that, ordinary toilet seats slam down which can be damaging to the toilet itself. Our bidet seats do not slam down but gently closes by itself without the effort of putting them down. Imagine how convenient bidet seats are by solving these two problems.

9. After All, Bidets Are Way More Practical, Economic and Convenient!

With the push of the buttons, you are able to clean and dry in a more practical, cleaner way than toilet papers. Bidets are still a fairly new concept in South Africa and you may not be familiar with them. However, they are rapidly gaining more popularity and recognition as people begin to understand and use how beneficial they are in terms of healthier and happier lifestyle. Bidets will make your life simpler, keeping you clean and feeling refreshed after every use, save your money and impress your people.

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